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Bulletproof Hoodies

Protecting your Kids

There's no question that protecting your child your number one priority.

At school, at the park, or just walking home, you want to know your kid is safe from any threat. And for the longest time, there was nothing on the market made specifically for children's safety.

That's why we were so excited to find Wonder Hoodie for Kids. Not only does it have the same America made Kevlar as the adult version, but since it's built specifically for kids, it weighs only 1.5–3lbs!

Designed from the ground-up just for kids and comes in a range of colors. Not only that, it's roughly half the cost of the adult Wonder Hoodie!

You don't need to take our word for it.

Their kid's hoodie look has police-grade NIJ-IIIA protection. That means Wonder Hoodie for Kids is tested to stop .357 SIG, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45, hollow point ammunition and more fired from longer barrel handguns.

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Wonder Hoodie for Kids

🇺🇸America vs. Chinese Kevlar

More than a few readers have asked why 100% American made Kevlar is such a defining feature. There are a few reasons that this post will talk about.

The DuPont Advantage

American chemist Stephanie Kwolek worked at DuPont for over forty years. She is best known as the inventor of Kevlar in 1971.

Her invention, along with the hard work of many chemists and fabrics experts at DuPont, birthed the first Kevlar bulletproof vests.

It's no wonder law enforcement chooses DuPont Kevlar to keep our police officers safe in the line of duty.

Lighter Weight

Chinese fibers are cheaper, but the low prices come at a cost. Chinese fibers are heavier, meaning a bulkier and heavier hoodie for you.

When choosing affordable, everyday bulletproof clothing for you and your family, weight plays a large role for many buyers

That's what makes 100% American made Kevlar so important. It's lighter weight so you feel safe without getting weighed down.

We only recommend hoodies made from 100% American Kevlar, which is why we're so excited about Wonder Hoodie.

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100% American Kevlar Hoodie